By joining IDC-Oregon, you have made an important step in getting involved securing State Registered Licensing for interior design professionals. Being that IDC-Oregon is a grassroots organization, we depend on our members’ involvement to continue our efforts, contribute their experience, and offer new ideas in developing new strategies to insure public safety and their well being in the interior environments we create.   We are excited to collaborate with professionals and students with new visions and ideas to help our organization achieve our goals. Your voice is important to shaping the future of the Interior Design profession in Oregon.

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  • Advocacy for your right to practice as a Registered Interior Designer
  • An opportunity to voice your opinion on the future of the Interior Design profession
  • Member pricing to IDC-Oregon events
  • Networking with peers and colleagues via events and social media sites
  • Volunteer and leadership opportunities
  • Personal and professional growth
  • Making a difference!

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